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Evel Kinevel Wheelie
Jef flew to Clearwater, FL in March of 2003 to personally get Evel Knievel’s
blessing to create this Rock Opera. An exclusive deal was reached and the
two became friends. The first production of EVEL KNIEVEL THE ROCK OPERA was staged in Los Angeles in 2007 and received a ‘Best Musical Production of The Year Award’ nomination by The LA Weekly in 2008. Plans are underway for the next big production. The dream rides on!
Evel Kinevel Wheelie

…a marvelous musical score--played live, by a band of five--written by Jef Bek. Last year, Bek provided the Muscovite soundscape for Zoo District's "Master and Margarita." The current remount of "Nosferatu," which follows its 1999 premiere, again proves Bek's talents. Based on these two scores alone, he's one of L.A.'s most valuable theater artists; the "Nosferatu" score careens from mazurkas to tangos, from Kurt Weill to Danny Elfman to early '80s garage rock. It's wonderfully multidirectional”.
Los Angeles Times - Michael Phillips - March 13, 2001

“…Best of all, composer Bek, driving his band like a mad coachman, ensures that these Transylvanian hills are alive with the sound of some pretty wild music.”
Los Angeles Times - Michael Phillips - March 13, 2001


Evel Kinevel Rock Opera - Click Here Evel Kinevel Rock Opera by Jef Bek
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